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Become part of a connected, supportive, multigenerational community of dancers celebrating their beautiful, creative and expressive selves through the joy of bellydance.

Celebrating 10 years in 2017, Ghawazee Moon Bellydance classes are inclusive, fun and friendly. You'll learn Folkloric (Urban-Folk, Egyptian Baladi, Ghawazee), Vintage, and Fusion (dubstep, steampunk & more) styles of bellydance.

With classes from absolute beginners to advanced, you will confidently gain experience playing finger cymbals, learning choreography, participating in our own style of formation-based improvisation, and eventually creating dances with your classmates. Classes are open to dancers aged 4 to adult, of all gender presentations & sexualities.


Ghawazee Moon also has a casual Arabic Percussion Circle that meets on Saturdays. For beginners to experienced percussionists, this lightly facilitated drumming circle will give you the opportunity to practice, participate in peer-to-peer learning, expand your repertoire and, if you're really keen, work towards performance as an ensemble in the future.

This circle is open to anyone interested in exploring Arabic percussion using drums, hand drums, riqq, tambourine, finger cymbals and other percussive instruments.


Banat Amar is Ghawazee Moon Bellydance's Performance Troupe, specialising in Ghawazee & Folkloric Styling.

Fantastic costumes, great dances and family-friendly fun combine to make Banat Amar perfect for all types of community events & festivals.



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