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Modern Gypsy with Rita

We are collecting the history of Bellydance in Canberra.

Your knowledge of past schools, troupes, performers, teachers and festivals that have taken place in Canberra over the years is wanted!! We are seeking information about people and events that are still a part of our growing community, as well as those that have disbanded, moved on or moved away.

If you have photos, posters or just some good stories, please send us an email - we'd love your help!


  • World Bellydance Day & Shimmy Mob (2017-current)
  • Big Hip Out (April 2013)
  • BellyUp Haflas
  • Belly Vs Morris
  • Casbah Festival (Late 2004)
  • Caravanserai
  • Goddesses of the Medina (Multi-Cultural Festival Event)
  • 2nd National Middle Eastern Dance Festival (2002. Director: Lissa Kay)
  • The "Rover's" Haflas
  • Totally Turkish & Taste of Turkish
  • Veiled Attitude (Youth Bellydance Festival)


  • Alison McLean
  • Bahirah
  • Bedazzled Bellydance
  • The Bejewelled Habibis
  • BellyUp BellyDance
  • Bellyfusion
  • Buasavanh Tribal Belly Dance
  • Ghawazee Moon Bellydance
  • Helen Way
  • Kha'ra Bellydance
  • Lissa
  • Panta Rei Fusion Dancing and Handdrumming
  • Princess Fee
  • Raqs Sharqi School of Egyptian Dance
  • Shimmy Bellydance
  • Spellbound Bellydance
  • Tribalista
  • The Veils of Baghdad


  • Buasavanh Tribal Bellydance
  • Banaat Amar
  • FiFi Noir
  • Gypsy Noir
  • The Isistars
  • Kahi Hiomi: Women of the Earth
  • Obsidian of Spellbound
  • Panta Rei Fusion Dancing and Handdrumming
  • Quake Bellydance
  • The Roving Raqs Sharqis
  • Raks Zahirah
  • Shakshuka
  • TABLA bellydance
  • The Tahinis
  • Tallagandra
  • Tribalista Sistas
  • Modern Gypsy


  • Panta Rei
  • Rahbani
  • Serenad


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  • Bellydance Canberra on the Ning Network
  • Dancing Goddesses

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