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If you've been thinking about learning to bellydance, there's no better time than now! Check the schools in your area, and contact them about signing up for a class! The bellydance teachers in Canberra are a fun & supportive bunch who will help you take your bellydancing where you want to take it - whether that's to your lounge room or to the stage!

Bellydance Schools by Location


Southside Classes

Bedazzled Bellydance
(Modern Turkish, Egyptian,
American Tribal Style)

Bellyup Bellydance
(Various Styles)


Northside Classes


Ghawazee Moon Bellydance
(Folkloric, Vintage, Fusion)

(Modern Egyptian)


Gungahlin Classes

Ghawazee Moon Bellydance
(Folkloric, Vintage, Fusion)


Regional Classes & Workshops

Bellydance in a Box
In regional areas in a 2 hour radius from Canberra.

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